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Two years of Padel endorsed by Indian players!

It is a known fact- Padel is the fastest growing sport in Europe and has begun to spread like a wild fire to Asia, Americas and Australia. For those who have not yet heard of the sport- Padel aka Padel-tennis, is a mix of tennis and squash. For those who have heard of Padel (may be even seen it being played during one of ... More

Renowned Tennis Coach Shekhar Menon Joins Indian Padel Federation Board of Members

India’s top tennis coach, Shekhar Menon joins the Indian Padel Federation Board, to promote and develop the sport in the country. A graduate in English Literature from Delhi’s St. Stephens College (Batch of ‘78) Mr. Shekhar has been associated with tennis for more than 30 years, first as a player, before turning ... More

India looks forward to participate in more international Padel tournaments!

Team India WITNESSED THE “TRUE SPIRIT OF PADEL” AT THE 3rd Asian Padel Cup Padel is a sport that is experiencing an international boom, with Asia-Pacific being one of the places where it has been experiencing a tremendous growth in the past few years. The Asian Padel Cup is already in the 3rd edition, which proves ... More

INDIA! Get Ready to Padel!

Ever felt bored of all the games you have played? Ever thought of inventing games and playing it with your friends and family? Surely, we have all done that right?! What is Padel? That’s what Enrique Corcuera, a Mexican industrialist, did in 1969. His search for a slightly less exhausting and fun ... More

Selections Now Open for Indian National Padel Team! Register Now!

Here’s how you can represent India in Padel. IPF announces National Padel Team Selection for India.  Have you ever dreamed of representing your country at an international event? Well, here’s your chance to play Padel for India! Indian Padel Open Tour The Padel Open Tour is an Indian Circuit of Open Tournaments ... More

Babolat joins Indian Padel Federation as Official Equipment Partner

The Indian Padel Federation (IPF), the official governing body for Padel in India, is excited to announce Babolat as the official equipment provider for the 2019 Indian Open Padel Tour. Babolat is known for its high quality Padel equipment and is one of the leading manufacturers of Padel products in the world. Though ... More

Official Padel Rules & Regulations

BASIC PADEL RULES & REGULATIONS The Padel Federation of India follows the rules of the International Padel Federation (FIP). Padel is a racket sport which is played in doubles only. It can be played indoors or outdoors. Players are enclosed in an area measuring 10 by 20 metres with transparent walls and wire mesh ... More

Padel I Now in Chennai, India!

First-of-its-kind' sports facility in India! The facility has been designed to put human health and sports performance on public display. Spread across an area of 35,000 sq.ft., situated in the Phase II of the L&T Pragnya Eden Park, Siruseri, Chennai, it’s features include a Padel Court, Putt Putt Golf ... More

IPF I The Official Governing Body for Padel in India I India Padel

The Indian Padel Federation (IPF) is a not-for-profit organisation limited by guarantee and receives no public funding. It is the acting governing body supported by it’s affiliated members of players, coaches, clubs and approved by the International Padel Federation (FIP). The organisation is responsible for ... More